VPN Service and benefits of using one

Data security assumes great importance in the digital world. If you are a lay person not exposed to the technicalities of how the internet works or how a battalion of hackers around the globe get to scan your emails or other important documents that you send across the internet, it is perhaps time that you understand the role and importance of a VPN service. Some of the salient features and benefits of VPN services are enumerated below to help you traverse the digital world more securely.

Secure Online Surfing

Data security tops the list of benefits that a VPN service brings. This is extremely important because in the US alone, several thousand internet users fall victim to the scam artists. You receive enticing communication from people who have never known you, or suddenly find that some amount of money has simply vanished from your bank account. Have you ever stopped to think how this happened and who should be blamed? The internet is a public network accessible to anyone with the means to do so. Though some measures of policing are available on the digital highway, they are more useful after an event has occurred. Therefore, internet users are left to ponder and find solutions to negotiate the digital world more securely.

VPN or the Virtual private network sits over the public work and blocks eavesdroppers from infringing on the safety and security of data being transmitted via the VPN. This could be anything from a harmless email to critical financial data only for the eyes of the CEO. Identity theft is another serious issue affecting internet users, particularly in the US. We are required to submit personal information to credit card companies, credit rating agencies and other statutory bodies. But, is there a guarantee that the communication is not snooped upon while in transit? Public networks do not guarantee any such guarantee gullible users are losing several thousand dollars every single day.

This scenario changes dramatically when you are using a VPN connection to transact your business. It could again be downloading a music file or a piece of software. With your VPN in place, you can control exposure to the risk presented by the fraudsters. After all, you don’t want to be on the wrong side of the law, simply because an unknown person posed as you (with stolen identity) and committed a serious crime.

Access Restrictions

Several countries across the globe headed by China restrict internet access for users through a legal enactment. The list itself is pretty long and several African countries, many Muslim countries, and South East Asian countries figure prominently in the list. What is more, some countries including China, Saudi Arabia, Iran, South Korea and Vietnam among others have been named as enemies of the internet. That said, the level of access restriction varies from one country to the other and you could experience heightened difficulties in China. You don’t want to be deprived of your social media activities while in these locations and the best way to address the situation is a VPN.

UNESCO, the UN arm concerned with ‘freedom of expression’ in the digital world , has in one of its recent observations warned that the tendency among nations to restrict internet access to users on one pretext or the other is on the rise around the globe. This works against the seamless character of the internet although the surveillance measures continue to be in force. UNESCO has also expressed concerns on the growth of the internet in the context of these restrictions and the manner in which it impacts individuals, nations and global business.

As the debate goes on and international effort to remove these bottlenecks continues, VPN offers the best solution for you to go about your business on the internet wherever you are. However, while choosing a VPN service provider, you should ensure that you can indeed access the internet freely from all locations that you intend to travel to.


Hide IP

Identity theft on the internet has assumed alarming proportions in recent times and law enforcing agencies around the globe are seized of the magnitude of the issue. Yet, there is no quick fix for the problem and the users must look to more secure ways of using the internet. Hackers employ a series of methods to gain access to your devices and steal valuable information. Without the VPN your IP address is visible to anyone with simple tools. Armed with your IP address, the hackers then gain access to your device and operate from the background. Even as you are punching out your email or collating important data to be sent to your headquarters, plenty of work is happening behind the curtains.  The hacker vanishes quickly with all that he wanted and it could be several days later that you get to know how badly you have been hit.

Some service providers are offering identity locks and credit monitoring. These options are however expensive and not entirely fail proof. The ‘tunnel’ feature created through encryption in VPN services work like a buffer between the internet and your own computer. This prevents the eavesdroppers from gaining access to plain data that you exchange with the other computer.

Adding to the convenience of users, VPN services are also offered for a wide range of applications like mobile phones, laptops, Androids, and other devices.

Geo Restricted Content

Apart from access restrictions placed by nations, internet users have also to contend with geo restrictions placed by some websites whose servers are located in specified areas. Netflix Hula and Spottily figure at the top of such websites. However, with a VPN service users have the ability to circumvent the restrictions and go about their business.

Nearly every VPN service provider offers you a comprehensive list of nations where they have servers. The major reason for providing this list is to ensure that users have the ability to confirm that specific sites or locations they want to access are enabled by the VPN service provider. A major chunk of the geo restricted sites are located in the US or UK and therefore a VPN service provider with servers in these nations would be your best choice. Even within these nations, if you can further narrow down to server locations closest to your target, your experience could be enhanced.

There can also be situations where you have no knowledge of nations that have placed geo restrictions. In such instances, you can still use the internet to find out where the owners of the specific web page/s are located and then use your VPN to connect with the site via a server located closest to website owner.

Widespread Problem

The problem of georestrictions do not confine to the US or UK alone. In fact, several other nations including the likes of China, and Saudi Arabia and more figure at the top of the list. China in particular is bogged down by large scale piracy in the entertainment industry which has acted as a major cause for the geo restrictions. For long New Zealanders have suffered from geo restrictions that prevented them access to popular entertainment sites. As a result, VPN services became very popular in New Zealand.

The VPN Advantage

Geographic information on the internet is provided via your IP address. A VPN service hides the IP address and therefore the targeted websites recognizes you as someone coming from an unrestricted geographic zone. Though some other options like DNS and proxy servers address the situation, the lack of encryption makes them vulnerable. VPN services on the other hand invariably encrypt the traffic making it one of your safest options.

Skype And Other VoIP Applications

Skype has gained immense popularity in recent times and they have added several new features such as file transfer making it a sought after service.  Unfortunately, access restrictions in some nations impact Skype and other VoIP applications in equal measure. With a VPN service however, you can circumvent these restrictions to enjoy the internet at its best.

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Surf happy and stay secure.


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