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VAMSAM This episode of Vamsam takes place in the premises of the Women jail where shakthi is lodged. We see a notorious criminal is confronting physically with a jail inmate. One of the jail staff stops this fight and tells the criminal that if she wants to show her power she should go and do it with new jail criminal by the name of shakthi.
when the criminal sees shakthi, she run’s away. The criminal stops and sits under a shade of tree .The Jail staff asks the criminal why she ran and looks so paranoid. The criminal says that the woman she saw was not shakthi but well known Collector Archana. And she now narrates a story about how this collector Archana had apprehended her for illicit liquor case and put her into the famous palayamkottai Prison.

She starts narrating the story about how she had waiteded for an opportunity to seek her revenge. The opportunity arrived as the collector Archana had come to the prison as chief guest for Gandhi jayanthi celeberation to distribute sweets. She had tried to kill the collector but the the guards overpower the criminal just in time. Shakthi pardons her. The notorious criminal tells the jailer staff to be careful with CollectorArchana as she feels that collector had disguised as shakthi to keep a closer watch .
The next scene of the episode of vamsam gets more interesting. The scene shifts to the house of Dr Madan. Dr Madan and his mother are seriously discussing about how they should hurry the marriage between supriya and Dr. Madan. Dr. Madan’s mother says that they should quickly buy the managalsutra and perfom some pooja. Dr madan says that he needs to show the mangalsutra to supriya to make her build her confidence about the marriage.
The next scene we see bhoomika and her little friend sankari visit shakthi in the prison. Shakthi appears shortly. Bhoomika could not control crying seeing shakthi in prison. She asks who was responsible to put her to this current situation. Shakthi tells her how was vindicated in this murder. Sankari is about to tell shakthi about bhoomika’s present problem, bhoomika diverts the conversation. After much deliberation they leave the cell.
The next scene we see sankari and bhoomika at the temple premises. Sankari asks why she stopped her from telling the truth. Bhoomika tells her that if they tell the truth to shakthi, her husband and mother in law would out a way to keep shakthi longer in the prison. Sankari gives the confidence to bhoomika that god would give them to courage to stop the wedding of her husband.
In the next scene we see Ponnurangam’s mother’s sister give the temple’s offering to ponnurangam and the rest. They buy some saffron and asks ponnurangam to give it to shakthi so that the baby born would be in good shape and color. Ponnurangam keeps it in the gods place to seek the blessing. Seeing this ponnurangam’s aunty decides to mix poison with the saffron so that she could abort shakthi’s pregnancy.

This episode of Vamsam opens up with ponnu’s aunt mixing the poison with the saffron.she murmurs to herself that this posion will definitely kill shakthi’s baby. In the meantime we see muthu asking his wife roja to come with him to the the prison to see shakthi. She refuses saying that she does not want to see shakthi as she is a criminal and also she does not like prison.
Ramamani asks muthu not to force roja to see shakthi. Ponnu’s aunt and ponnu also tells muthu not force roja as they felt roja is always looking shakthi as her enemy. Ponnu says that roja would certainly repent for her misdeeds and thinking. Ponnu’s aunt chinnamma says that roja’s thinking in itself is bad and there is not point in talking to her.
The next scene of vamsam shifts to Dr. Madan’s house. Madan’s mother sees the food kept for bhoomika untouched. She asks bhoomika why she has not taken her food. Bhoomika replies that she is on diet for the sake of of shakthi’s quick release from the prison. Madan’s mother stares at bhoomika.At the same time she is happy seeing bhoomika on diet as she knew that if bhoomika is in that stateand continues to diets it would invariably lead to bhoomika’s pregnancy being aborted. This would finally help her get rid of bhommika and make it easy for the smooth marriage of her son with supriya. She explains about her plan to her son. Madan’s is happy hearing his mother say about the plan and also congratulates his mother about her criminal intentions. He tells his mother she could have been a good criminal lawyer if she had pursued law.
The next scene of vamsam shifts to atemple where we see madan and supriya entering the temple. Madan’s tells supriya that he had some important thing to show to supriya. Supriya is anxious,she tells madan that she can not wait any longer and she wants Dr. Madan to open up the secret immediately. She is also seen very confused, serious and very importantly impatient.
Dr. Madan says that supriya should excersise some patience and she will get answer very shortly. After waiting for some time Dr Madan feels she should not keep supriya guessing any more. He decided to break the secret. He brings out the mangalasutra out the pocket and shows it to supriya. Supriya’s face is lit up.
She is very happy with Dr madan’s timely generosity by promising to get married with her and also giving her the confidence that he is with her during her turbulent times. Now that her parents are not with her she is happy about madan’s gesture.There is lot of emotions shown by both madan and supriya . They stare and each other as they pray to the goddess in the temple.
We now see the entry of sankari into the temple premises. She stares at the them. This episode of Vamsam ends here.