Ways the cloud protects your data

Ways The Cloud Protects Your Data


The cloud is a very safe way to store and protect your data.  You are able to control who can view your files on most Cloud storage services, and can make them private, public or shared.  After this, you are then able to create a username and password which will be required to be entered in order to access the files that you store in the cloud.  Anyone without this information would generally be unable to log in to your account and view what is there.

Cloud storage providers will often also be able to store your data in an encrypted form and keep the key in a secure location.  When you log into your account, the files can be decrypted by the provider and then you will be able to access them.  This enables other people who you invite to see the files as it is the storage provider who controls the encryption.  Data can also be encrypted by your web browser to ensure it isn’t changed while it is being sent between you and the cloud storage provider, and then decrypted when they are needed to be viewed.


Furthermore, it is usually possible to encrypt your own files before they leave your computer.  If you are the only one who has the encryption key, it will not be easy for anyone else to decrypt your files and access your information.  If your cloud storage provider does not offer this, you can do it yourself using software from a trustworthy third party, and there are also many free or inexpensive encryption software tools available.  Overall, it is clear that the Cloud is a very good way to protect your data.


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