My Web Agent Reveals Top 5 Easy SEO Tricks For Start-ups

Those who are running small e-Commerce business or online ventures can’t afford to spend much on internet marketing tools. Here, we are talking about the start-ups who have fixed amount of money to spend on promotions and campaigns. For all those who can’t spare big sum of money for marketing and promotion of their services online, they should focus on one of the best internet marketing tools called SEO services. My Web Agent, a leading SEO company in Melbourne, brings result-proven SEO tips that will help all start-ups and small companies to get best results without burning a hole in their budget. So let’s find out top 5 SEO tricks that will help you to reach larger online audience and pull up traffic.


  • Target local audience by making local places pages: All small businesses and start-ups should focus on local surrounding and create a local business page for all major search engines including Google, Bing and Yahoo. It can be done simply by filling up your business details including location, contact numbers, hours of operation etc. Once you give all relevant details, you will be ready with an account of your own.
  • Categorize & Optimize your page: It is very essential and an easy task to optimize your pages. Optimize your local pages with good quality of your business pictures, details and services. Further to this, categorize your business aptly as it will give you the right online audience. Make sure to choose categories and keywords wisely.
  • Put apt business citations: Make sure that the information filled by you should be accurate and your contact details must be consistent. If you find other business by the same name then you can claim a citation. Just verify that you are the actual owner of the business by email, phone number etc.
  • Put focus on online reviews: Reviews are very important nowadays. People choose companies and services through good reviews. Hence, make sure to add reviews and ratings for your business in order to increase your rankings.
  • Add Pictures to your content and pages: Always remember that viewers love to see good pictures and videos about your business. Though content is the king but customers want pictures to better understand your business and services. So don’t forget to upload over 5-10 pictures that tell about your business to target audience. Make sure to add real pictures of your office, building, services and products.

So, these are the simple SEO tips that won’t cost much and bring very good results for your online venture. For more SEO services, internet marketing tips and web design services, visit My Web Agent, a leading SEO services provider in Melbourne.

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