Web Design and SEO goes hand in hand

If you look at most successful websites, you will likely notice a seamless integration of great web design and SEO optimized content. The companies that run these sites have discovered the value of using these online tools simultaneously to increase traffic to the site resulting in increased sales. It is therefore important that at the beginning stages of web development, SEO strategies are outlined so that the website can be ranked highly on search engines from the onset. The best way to ensure that the website meets the required standards is to work with a design studio that has experience in creating such sites.

The importance of search engine optimization cannot be underestimated in website design as it determines whether the success or failure of a site. Therefore, when SEO is balanced out well on a site in areas such as content, meta descriptions, links and title tags among others. In most cases, the bulk of SEO is tagged onto the content that will be displayed on the site and so it is important that the selected web design brings it out well. When a website is properly designed and its content optimized it has increased chances of ranking highly on different search engines.

There are a number of things you can do to successfully combine Search Engine Optimization and website design and they include:

Build unique pages

Although consistency is important in the overall design of a website, it is important to have some design features on the pages that make them stand out from each other. It is the same case for the content on the site which should be unique and relevant to the target audience. Ensure that the keywords used integrate seamlessly and the web design does not hinder them from being picked up by search engines.

Use optimized links

Creating links that connect different web pages using anchor texts that contain SEO keywords will definitely boost the ranking of the page on search engines. Avoid using a web design that has javascript navigation as they do not have provision for anchor texts which are crucial for search engines. Apart from regular links on the web pages, you can also include footer links to optimize the page much more and increase rankings by adding key words.

Include graphics and videos

Engagement with graphics as well as videos on websites has been proven to increase traffic to many websites. However, for the graphics to increase the value of the site, it is important that they are relevant and prominently displayed. Therefore, it is important that the structure of the site incorporates the use of these videos to provide information to visitors on the website. One of the mistakes to avoid when designing websites is to make the SEO content part of the image as they cannot be taken up by search engines.

In conclusion, SEO and website design integration is the best way to attract potential clients and maintain the current ones.

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