Why your Website needs an SSL Certificate

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is the standard security technology used to encrypt data as it moves across the internet. SSL does this to ensure that the data remains secure. Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to hear about cases or situation where someone’s credit card or identity number is stolen. According to Google, such incidents occur because most websites don’t use SSL certificates. But, given that it protects the security of your website information, SSL is a good idea for any dedicated server hosting website.

The internet is designed in such a way that when users send private information, it may pass through several other servers and networks before reaching its destination. Unless it is encrypted, your customer’s information could be intercepted by any of these numerous servers and networks.

One way to encrypt your customer’s information is by using an SSL certificate. A dedicated server hosting website that uses SSL certification is able to generate customer’s trust because customers look for signs confirming SSL certification before making payments or purchasing products. According to recent studies, around 70-percent of all online orders are abandoned because of insufficient trust in the transaction. In fact, 64-percent of online shoppers look for authentication signs while making payments or buying a product. Therefore, if you have an SSL certification, online shoppers will feel more comfortable trusting your products and services, and this leads to more conversions, which in turn leads to more sales and profits.

Moreover, an SSL certificate benefits SEO ranking and this improves Google search engine results. It does this even if your site doesn’t have a checkout or login page. When your website is ranked better, expect it to have more conversions; hence, increased sales and profits. The fact that your website is SSL certified means you are more professional and this makes your site gain a mark of authenticity.

Another reason your dedicated server hosting website should be SSL certified is because the SSL certificate is mandatory for card transactions. With SSL certification of at least 128 bit you’ll be able to conduct debit and credit card transactions successfully. This ensures that your client’s personal information is not compromised and this makes your site a better place to do business.

SSL certificates are classified into three categories based on their validation properties: The first one is domain validation, which are used by SSL-enabled websites and verified according to the domain name. The second is organization validation where the authority that issues the certificate verifies your actual business. And finally, there is the extended validation, which should give confidence among users that access your site. If you want users to trust your website you should implement an SSL certificate.