Website X5: how to create your own website easily

WebSite X5 is the perfect software that allows you to create your own website. Usually if you have to realize an eCommerce, a blog or a website you have to be able to programming, to design on the Web, to manage professional graphic tools. Thanks to WebSite X5 you can find all these competences included in a unique software.


The big advantage of this software compared with another one is the attention focused by developers on leaded process that guides the user during every passage of the production. In five steps, everyone can create its own website or begin to sell products through an eCommerce.


Since you have choosen a name and a structure for the project, the logic process guides you in the selection of images and layout. The system of unique layout allows you to create pages through a simple Drag&Drop of contents: texts, charts, images, galleries, videos, e-mail forms, Social plugins, maps, product catalogues.

It’s so easy to create a customized and original website with several images available for free. The same graphic layout of the guided process is studied to facilitate the user who can realize the website with few mouse movements.

After the structure preparation and first contents, the next step is the online publication without having to exit from the program. The FTP engine works on the loading of online contents and the startup of a space and the registration of a domain ideal for the activity are included in the set.


The website publication is just the begin, because it is important to deal with Search Engines. This is why WebSite X5 edition 11 implements all features needed to optimize a website.

Thus, WebSite X5 is a complete program and it is suitable to everybody. A modern, reliable, sure software thanks to backup systems.



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