Website X5: discover how to create professional websites!

Easy, quick and professional: Website X5, the software developed by Incomedia S.r.l., allows you to create customized,  e-commerce websites, and blogs.

It is very easy to use and versatile: no programming skills nor graphical capabilities at all are required, everybody can use it. Thanks to Website X5, you can customize your website, e-commerce or blog, choosing among different graphical templates, Social Network plugins, contents settings and so on.

There are three different editions of Website X5 icreated to satisfy the needs of different users:

Website X5 Compact 11 is recommended for users who want to create a website or a blog easily and quickly. It has 500 templates in it and basic functions.

Website X5 Evolution 11 is useful not only to create websites and blogs but also online shops. It has many useful functions in it like 1.500 ready-to-use template designs and a free Webhosting service for 1 year (no additional costs).


Website X5 Professional 11 is recommended for those who create websites often and work with the software. This release has advanced objects in it  like project analysis functions, websites with Mobile App, or e-commerce promotion management. Also in this case, the Webhosting service is included free for 1 year.

Why should you create your website with Website X5?

You can discover all the benefits by downloading and testing the free version of the software at

Creating websites with Website X5 is:

  • Professional: it is a complete software.
  • Cheap: excellent value for what you pay. No monthly rent is required.
  • Quick: you don’t need specific HTML knowledge or any kind of skills.
  • Easy: everybody can use this software. You can ask for help or find suggestions in the specific help center (Website X5 Answers), in the F.A.Q. area, through the online guide, or watching tutorial videos on Youtube (official channel).
  • Efficient: you can create an infinite number of websites with a single software license and with 1 license you can install on 2 PC.