Wedding Band Last Request

A wedding is usually a memorable and fun event on its own. There are things you can do to spice up your wedding ceremony. A live wedding band can spark up the excitement more than anything else will do. Many young couples are beginning to realize how live bands can bring about lots of excitement among guests at the occasion and transform a simple ceremony to a memorable occasion. However, hiring a live wedding band is not always as simple as it may seem at first. You cannot hire just any band and expect to get the best for your occasion.


Hiring the best of wedding bands may not be as easy as hiring a local dance band, it requires some level of contemplation and careful shopping. Fortunately, the task of finding an impressive live wedding band has been made effortless with the assistance of a competent booking agent.



If you want your family, friends and guests to enjoy attending your event there is no better way to make this happen than hiring a live band. A reception where guests do nothing more than remain in their seats discussion can be quite boring. In such a situation, all they will do is to look forward to the meal to be served and when they are done eating, will exit the venue as soon as possible.

Last Request London is a live band which has a glamorous track record of featuring in more than 300 wedding ceremonies for 10 years running both in the UK and elsewhere in Europe. They also provide corporate musical entertainment for EC Harris, ICD Funds, Virgin Media, Disney, Lovells, Harvey Nichols and Mcann Erikson.

Last Request has a mind blowing selection of tunes and the experience to make your ceremony a memorable experience whether it is a high energy party band, wedding ceremony or a drink reception.