Wedding Night Parties

The wedding parties are usually thrown in the evening which extends well till night. What makes it special is the event itself. Attending a wedding party is exciting as you get to know w new couple that is ready to take on the plunge called married life.

The couple, of course dresses up well and you too are expected to. But what may go wrong is that the new bride dresses up simpler than the guests. In order to avoid it, we give you some useful tips here.

If you are the new bride, try wearing either some bright colour or a sparkling shade of some metallic colour. It is also a good idea to match up your dress with the colour of the wedding cards online sent out to your guests. If you don’t want to make it very heavy, go minimal on jewellery. On the other hand, if you are a guest, try wearing something in solid colours sans the sparkle. This will make you stand noticeable yet not over done. Put on some quirky pieces of jewellery like a ring on your fingers or a chunky neck piece.

Your lip colour is also something to take care of. A new bride looks awesome in a crimson shade of lip colour while a guest can opt for coffee shades or maybe even softer shades for that healthy plump.

A new bride’s hairdo must speak volume! If you are lucky enough to have long tresses, flaunt them straight off. Let your guests woo while you enjoy the compliments. In case you have decided to tie up a bun or braid your hair, try out the styling with flowers. This one thing will make you stand out and feel special.

The only caution point is to dress up in a way that keeps you comfortable while you walk around and interact with your guests. Too many pins to fix up the hair or the dress can be taxing.

So go easy and relax!


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