Wedding : Do You Really Want to? This May Help You Decide!

Wedding comes with its whole package of anxieties, worries and yes, phobias! (If you are single at 30 you are labelled as ‘commitment phobic’!) But you might have your own reservations. That is why in this article we will shed some light on the burning topic (ouch!)

Well, it is indeed true that marriages are not all about “happy ever after stories”. But it does not mean that they have no share of bliss, adventure and learning; in fact, marriages are the most intense and sacred bond between the two individuals who come together to share the glories, the gloom, the up and the downs, the thick and thins, the happiness and the sorrow; together. Such is the beauty and miracle of this connection.

In India, marriage is all about starting a new chapter of life, a new journey, of course according to our Vedas it is the beginning of the Grahastha ashram, the second stage, the family life. It is the spiritual journey of growth and learning that takes its shapes with increase in acceptance, tolerance, responsibility and accountability. (Do you hear ‘compromise’? You better replace it with ‘adjustment’ if you want to get hitched soon )Like all the beautiful things in this world; a beautiful and wonderful marriage need its own time, patience and volition to grow and the full bloom of this fruit laden plant is magnificent!

You are bound to discover the challenges of the family life, to ensure the sanctity of marriage we need love, loyalty and understanding. Indubitably, Wedding is most important relationship that a human can have because it happens only once in life of anyone. It is binding of two souls together for rest of their lives and they will be there for each other no matter what are the conditions and situations. It is a bow that both husband and wife takes to share each and every moment of happiness, sorrows and feeling of love unconditionally. As wise man says “couples are made in heaven”.

As stats shows two people together can live healthier, happier, longer (!) and better life compared to singles, that is why it is recommended by everyone that you should get married in order to feel the heights of life that a single person can’t even imagine. Marring will give you chance to get a lifetime friend who will be there for you to share every responsibility. You can witness that all the things written in books that you made jokes of in bachelorhood are real although they can’t be expressed in words. (It does happen with all the marvellous experiences!)

Therefore, to witness all the possible things that human beings are capable of accomplishing and enjoying, marriage is the gateway that opens to the cornucopia of love and sacredness which is bound to enrich your life for good. So don’t hesitate in gobbling down the ‘Shaadi ka ladoo’. It’s time to expand your wings of human existence and hold the hand of your life partner to seek the glories of emotional understanding and of course companionship!

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