What a man wants

Being a woman I always wonder what expectation do men have when it comes to have someone beside them. We all know that men are different than women when it comes to love and the reasons why they choose someone.  A woman always considers all kind of things when it comes to date a man. She thinks about the way the man looks, he takes care of himself, he talks, he thinks, what character he has, plans and all these kind of issues. A man, well, we all know, the first thing that he considers is the way a woman looks like. The truth is that a woman, if she wants to, she can make any men to like her by making the smallest effort. Since always, when men seeking women they seek first for a beautiful woman, that can make any other guy feel jealous of him. But pay attention girls because this may be what a boy wants, an adolescent needs but at a certain time in life, a man will be looking for mature dating and this is not all about the looks.

Each person in the world is beautiful in its own way, both men and women, but what women have extra are different ways to improve or highlight the qualities already left by nature. If we have a bad day and we don’t like how we look, we can wear some make up and our self confidence it goes up immediately. We put a dress and some heels and more than sure we will turn some heads around. But a woman can’t be all about her looks. A man will always want to settle down with a woman that among her good looks, has to be a woman that likes to take care of her, of her man, of their house, a woman which he can talk to on different subjects without getting bored. And also men like independent women, that can manage on themselves if it is necessary, a woman that has ideas and comes with something ne everyday. Is true that there are also men that like the obedient type of woman, that listen to their word and do only what they are told to do. It comes to any women to decide what kind of men they want beside them and what relationship they want to have.

But what you have to consider ladies is that no man will like a woman that doesn’t have anything to say. Is not for nothing that it is said that in a relationship conversation is the most important part. And men will always love a smart woman that have lots to say and can manage situation only by using proper words at the appropriate moment.