Who is the Best Wedding Photographer in Suffolk, England?

If you are getting married in Suffolk, England, in a few weeks, chances are that you have already started searching for the best wedding photographer. The problem is, finding the perfect wedding photographer in the county is not really easy. The task can be quite confusing.

Suffolk has a number of very good wedding photographers, and each of them has strengths and weaknesses. While what is considered as best in photography is often subjective, among all the photographers who work regularly in the region Tim Driver is perhaps the most articulate and creative.


Here’s why we recommend Tim for a Suffolk wedding over anybody else:

He is a storyteller

Tim specializes in telling beautiful stories with the help of his photographs. That means, when he is at work, you can count on your wedding photographs actually meaning something, and not being just random clicks.

He is very experienced

Tim got his first camera when he was 7. It was a Kodak back then. Once he started working professionally in the business in the year 1992, he upgraded his equipments, of course. These days, he uses only the latest camera lenses and devices. With a collective experience of nearly 15 years, Tim knows exactly how to work with all kinds of weather and lighting conditions.

He knows Suffolk thoroughly

From capturing couples with nature in the background in Woodhall Manor in Woodbridge, to savouring special moments inside the Oaksmere Hotel in Eye, Tim has worked in countless venues over the years. If any wedding photographer understands Suffolk as passionately as it should be understood, it is him.

He is truly friendly

Tim can put you, your family members, and your guests at ease instantly. He has a certain kind of warmth around him that is almost impossible to resist. When he captures your wedding moments, he does not stand out as an unwelcomed guest. Instead, he blends in like an old friend.

He understands personalization

Many photographers produce the same kind of work again and again. Not Tim, though. He realizes that he cannot shoot every wedding the same way. He takes the time and possesses the patience to listen to what is expected from him in each case, and then works hard to deliver accordingly.

Hundreds of couples have admitted that Tim was the best thing to happen to their wedding, and you can be next. To see what Tim really stands for and what packages are offered to you, you can visit his site Wedding Photographers in Suffolk.