Why Are More and More Families Homeschooling?

The family is the basic unit of society. Not everything society teaches or how it teaches is best for your child. There are various reasons why families are switching. More and more parents are homeschooling their kids because they want to be closer to their child’s growth.

When I first heard about homeschooling, my initial thought was, it should be more ‘convenient’. See, your child not needing to physically attend classes anymore, less packed lunch preparation time, no more forced morning classes and a lot more. On the other hand, the first question that came to me was, is it going to be more expensive? The answer will really depend on the financial situation and the current tuition fee you pay for your child’s school.

These factors should not be the main priority. You might want to ask yourself other factors to consider first, such as: what can homeschooling offer my children? Is it something that could help them have more flexibility and opportunity?

The way I see regular schools for most parents is that, sending their children to regular schools frees their time to take the responsibility of teaching their own kids. It allows them to have more ‘me’ time, or time for other things.

Imagine a family that travels a lot. Some schools could be lenient when it comes to attendance, but not conduct special classes for your children for lost time. The students will still be subject to exams and project deadlines. Due to this, the child will be bouncing back and forth to different styles of teaching. This might be stressful for the student and even for the teacher.

Even if we have anti-bullying laws and campaigns do you still want to expose your child to a life based on laws that work only when the act is already done? The world might be progressing in terms of laws and technology, but the basic laws of survival of the fittest may still be at play in some families.

Homeschooling prevents these things from happening to a child at the age when they are still growing. Building a strong moral foundation for your child is essential and this can only be done within the family. You can teach and express without discrimination.

Homeschooling offers you and your child freedom. Freedom from the regular school systems which are focusing less on morals and education. Schools have a regulated system that will be in line with what you government requires to be taught based on their studies. This type of system is not appreciated by many families. It could be good enough for those families living in countries which have a better economy, but for those families who live in third world countries, it might be a totally different story. There is a high possibility that even those private schools which middle-class families can afford don’t really provide quality education.

Families are growing more and more restless to the degrading quality of traditional schools which present a learning Utopia for kids, but in reality are nothing better that the other.

Quality growth starts at home. Homeschooling has everyone at home on their feet when study time comes. Some families find this activity fun and an awesome way to grow and learn together with their children building a strong bond for their future.


Mimi Rothschild is a veteran homeschooling mother of 8, writer of a series of books called Cyberspace for Kids, and passionate advocate for children and education that is truly worthy of them. In 2001, Mimi and her late husband founded Learning By Grace, a leading provider of online Christian homeschooling Academies. 


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