How To Set Up WiFi Security Cameras To Catch Poachers

WiFi security cameras are versatile little tools. All these security cams need is a reliable WiFi connection and you’ll be able to access their feed using nothing but a tablet or smartphone.

This connectivity makes them pretty useful for catching criminals in the act – especially when you’re dealing with poachers that think they’re safe from the prying eyes of cameras and witnesses alike.

These tips will help you set up WiFi security cameras to find out who’s poaching in your property and to gather enough evidence to hunt these buggers down:

Find A Tough Outdoor IP Surveillance Camera

First things first: you will need the hardware to get the job done.

Your average store-bought IP camera won’t last long in the great outdoors – especially with all the bugs and birds and lizards and dirt and water floating about. You will have to plunk down good money on models that are not only dustproof and waterproof but are also able to withstand a few knocks and bites from curious critters.

Make Sure That The Camera Comes With Motion Sensors

Camera IP

Camera IP (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You cannot realistically monitor the video feed 24/7, but motion sensors can help you better focus your attention when it is needed the most.

These motion sensors can be configured so that your WiFi security camera begins recording data whenever something moves within the camera’s field of view. Some models can even send a call, text or email alert; allowing you to react quickly the moment poachers are caught on camera.

Invest In A Network Of Signal Repeaters

If you are going to cover a wide tract of land, especially in heavily forested areas, then you will need signal repeaters to provide wireless Internet access to all your cameras.

A particularly strong repeater can extend your WiFi signal by about 1,000 feet in open space – half that if there’s foliage blocking the way. This is a rough estimate, though, and the actual range will depend on the models you plan to use. Don’t just trust the label, as thick foliage can and will significantly hamper WiFi signals.

Invest In Solar-Panel Chargers For All Your Devices

Unless you want to start replacing batteries in all your digital cameras and WiFi repeaters every other day, then you’ll need a quiet source of renewable energy to get the job done.

Hiding a solar panel on top of a tree will help power your WiFi security cameras. The power they gather will be more than sufficient if your cameras only actively record footage when their motion sensors are trigger. Just make sure that they’re well hidden though, or they’ll reveal where your cameras are hidden.

Prepare Some Bark Camouflage

Speaking of hidden, you’ll need to camouflage your security cams if you don’t want poachers to know you’re recording their actions.

Take some bark shavings from the tree you’ll mount the camera on. Glue the shavings over a plastic sheet without leaving any gaps, drape them over your cameras, secure them in place so they don’t flutter about and cut out holes for the camera’s lenses. And voila – camouflage that blends in perfectly with the trees in your area!

Spread “Bait” To Lure Poachers Into View

You’ll want poachers to step right in front of your WiFi cameras – so give them a little incentive to do so.

Some bright candy wrappers, hunting paraphernalia, discarded clothing, empty cans of food, an abandoned campfire – these are just some examples of bait that will draw the attention of poachers and tempt them to spend some time milling about in front of your cameras.

Formulate A Plan Of Action

And last but not the least, you’ll have to ask yourself what you plan to do once your wireless digital cameras record evidence of poachers on your property.

The most sensible thing that the average Jane and Joe should do is to call the authorities, hand over copies of the evidence you gathered, cooperate with their investigation and let them do their jobs. If you are the authority though, then you’ll have to come up with a plan on how to catch these poachers using the information you’ve gathered from your WiFi security camera.

Keep these tips in mind and you’ll have a much easier time catching poachers red-handed with the aid of your WiFi security cameras!

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