Have a Wild and Crazy Christmas

Throw an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

So this is Christmas?  The late and wonderfully great John Lennon asked us this question back in 1971, and each Christmas on pop radio stations since.  This is the question I first asked when I heard about so-called ‘ugly Christmas sweater parties’, which is one of the newest hipster ways to enjoy the holidays.

Yes, this is Christmas and it has evolved much since the early 70’s when Lennon’s song was released.

We may not have found a way to bring war to an end, but we have found many new ways in the modern age to enjoy Christmas time on a new level.

These parties have all of the laughter and irreverence of a drunken college dorm party, and as a matter of fact it seems that college age kids are some of the biggest proponents of ugly Christmas sweaters and partying December away in said attire.



So, if you are looking for a wild and crazy way to get the Christmas spirit if full swing this year, then ugly sweater parties may be the thing for you.

Chris Newsom from Real Ugly Christmas Sweaters has written one of the top rated party guides online and is here to help give us a few tips for throwing the most outrageous party in town.

The key to the ugly Christmas sweater party is tacky, tacky, tacky.  Make your decorations and everything you do look like it came from a 1980’s sweater factory.  In fact, using old tacky sweater material cut into pieces to cover walls, chairs, and even wine bottles is a great idea to get a big decorative effect.

Play games.  People are usually in a jolly and festive mood at these parties so funny party games are always a hit.  Here are a few ideas from our party guide:

  • Have a  “No Talent Christmas Karaoke” Show – Make sure you advertise it as a “no talent” show so as to encourage people to get up and do their worst renditions of famous holiday tunes.  This will keep it fun and lighthearted and from turning into an audition to be the next pop star.
  • Finish The Lyric – This is a spinoff of “Name That Tune”.  Play a snippet of a Christmas carol and see who can finish the next lyric first
  • Name That Tune – Always a classic Christmas party game.  Play a snippet of a Christmas carol and see who can guess it!
  • Who Am I? – Have names of famous Christmas personalities (Santa, Grinch, etc) written on big white stickers.  Have someone go around and (with permission) stick the name to their backs.  They have to ask everyone around yes or no questions about who they are until they guess it!
  • Have Silly Stick-On Name Tags – Look for those one’s that say “Hi, My Name Is..”

Look at dollar stores for super low-cost (and wildy ugly) decorations.  You can deck the halls of your home on the cheap!

Whatever you decide, get creative and do whatever you can think of to make your ugly sweater party crazy, wild, outrageously festive and most of all…fun!

If you need a sweater for the party, Real Ugly Christmas Sweaters has an excellent selection of new, vintage, and custom Christmas sweaters for sale. Shop online here.

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