What Do Women Really Want? Answers From a Male and Female Perspective.

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Dating can be a difficult process, especially when one sex doesn’t quite understand what the other is looking for in a partner. Each side is making moves to impress the other, without knowing whether they are helping or hurting their cause. Below we look at both sides of the equation, one man and one woman, to find out what it is that women really want in a mate.

The Man’s Perspective
If there is one thing I know a lot about, it is women. How do I know so much about women? I’m just one of those guys who is naturally gifted at knowing what women want. I have a new girlfriend every couple of weeks; I’m that good. So, as a service to all the other guys out there, I’m going to share some of my secrets.

Knowing what women want from a guy is easy for me. The first thing to know, is that women love being talked to, no matter where they are. The best places I’ve found for talking to women are the places where they least expect to be talked to. Grocery stores, libraries, and stop lights are some of my favorite places. It’s great because I’m able to catch them by surprise, which is very endearing. It shows that I can be spontaneous.

After I talk to a woman, the next step is obviously the first date. This step is crucial because first impressions can last a lifetime. Women like a man who will take charge. I always order dinner for my date, usually without even asking for my date’s input. Women love this, because it shows them that you don’t need to listen to them in order to know them.

The first date is also where I like to pepper in some of my legendary jokes. Everyone knows that women love a sense of humor, so I always prepare a few jokes. I usually go with some adult humor, to let my date know that I’m edgy. Any jokes I’ve overheard at the bar are sure to kill on a first date.

I’m not naïve, I know that having some great jokes isn’t enough to win over the heart of a woman. I also have to look good. Women love a man who is truly manly, and can show it off. I like to prove my manliness by rarely shaving my beard and letting some chest hair poke through my V-neck shirt. I think women love my body hair because they realize I’ll be able to keep them warm on cold nights.

It’s also important to dress in a way that is attractive to women. This is where I excel, because I realize that women are attracted to men who don’t care what other people think about them. I’m a ripped jeans and plain t-shirt kind of guy. It doesn’t matter if I’m meeting a girlfriend’s parents, her boss, or her best friend; I’ll be dressed how I want to be dressed. My independence in this matter drives women crazy, in a good way.

In conclusion, here is a list of some more things that I’ve found that women love:

• Forgotten birthdays
• Being ignored
• Hanging out with the guys
• Paying for dinner
• See guys flirt with other girls
• Beer breath
• Talking about sports

The Woman’s Perspective
I’ve heard it all. I could be in a bar, on the street, or just shopping for produce at the grocery store, and men are going to try to get my attention. I’ve seen many different techniques to gain my favor, but one thing is for sure, one-liners aren’t the way to do it, unless the reaction you want from me is a hearty laugh in the face. I can assure you, my legs are not tired from running through your mind all day, but maybe they are tired from running away. So what do women like me want?

Despite all anecdotal evidence to the contrary, we are not a big mystery. There are tried and true ways to reach our hearts. The two major categories of what we look for in a partner: someone who knows how to act, and someone who knows how to look good.

We have let the perception that we like bad boys and jerks go on for far too long. Girls might sometimes like jerks (especially if he has a motorcycle!), but women really like a responsive man who is attentive, caring, and understanding. Is it too crazy to expect a guy be nice to me? Buying me a drink in the bar doesn’t count as nice. It’s a good start, but if you actually care about me, make me feel loved, and in return, I’ll give love back.

It’s a bit cliché, but we also really like a guy who can make us laugh; 77% of us find a sense of humor to be the top personality trait in a man. There is a difference between telling jokes and having a sense of humor. I don’t want to hear the conclusion to any mix of ethnicities walking into bars. What I do want to hear is that you’re comfortable enough with your own embarrassing stories to laugh at them with me. If you can make me laugh, I’ll have given you my phone number before you can say ‘second date.’

Let’s be real now for a moment; being nice and attentive is only one piece of earning my heart. I still need a man who looks good. Call it shallow, or call it unfair, but I’m not going to date a slob just because he’s a good listener. I want a partner who will look as good next to me at an office party as he does next to me in bed. A good place to start is body hair. When it comes to body hair, less is more. I don’t care how it gets taken care of, but I expect it to be gone before I even know it exists. If I’m going to take the time to shave my legs and wax my eyebrows, I think it’s fair to expect to touch some smooth skin on our date. Your chest and stomach might not be the first thing I see when we meet, but if it’s ever going to move that direction, be prepared.

We expect you to look great without clothes, but we also expect our men to dress well. I don’t require my partners to have jobs, but I do require them to at least look like they have one. I prefer a shirt with buttons and shoes that neither flip nor flop. It’s said that the suit makes the man, I think the suit also makes the man sexy. It’s not necessary to dress up and wear a suit every day, but I also wouldn’t complain about it.

This is by no means a complete list of things we look for in a man. I can’t give up all of our secrets! Like anything worth doing, it will require a little work and probably a new outfit or two to get my attention. Nice guys who look good are what we want. We know the perfect guy probably doesn’t exist, but if he does, it’s probably because he read this article.

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