Why Word Count Is Important

In the information age, writing clearly and concisely is an extraordinary presentation skill for individuals, professionals, and businesses. Consider writing concisely as a series of tasks finding, evaluating, analyzing, and synthesizing appropriate ideas where you integrate your ideas with those of others.

Being mindful of word count is critical for each technology medium used to reach the audience. A word count of 400 words is typical while writing online, for instance, while applications such as Facebook and Twitter encourage messages that are no longer than a few words. Before you begin preparing a draft, think about the subject, purpose, audience, and goals for the write-up. With an outline for the write-up, prepare the draft with an understanding of how language and knowledge could have the desired impact.

Using a flexible strategy for generating ideas, revising, editing, and proofreading, prepare a draft with an understanding that writing is an open process that permits the writer to use later intervention and rethinking to review the work. You may also benefit from social media technology, which makes writing a collaborative and social process. In the final stage, critique your work to check whether you have met your goals within the desired word count. Besides making the presentation elegant, surface features including syntax, grammar, punctuation, and spelling could also contribute to a concise write-up.