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Videoboard is wordpress video theme which you can use to make an awesome video website. This can be any type of video site, from simple video gallery to fully featured membership website with user registrations and premium accounts. To better understand how the theme works, you can take YouTube as an example. On YouTube people can watch videos, create accounts, like/dislike videos, upload their own videos and so on. The same applies for Videoboard theme

One of the great features of this theme is its membership system. Using videoboard memberships you can offer free and paid accounts for users on registration. Premium package can be used to offer a lot more benefits to users who choose this package over free one. It’s completely up to you to decide which features can be enabled for premium members throughout the website. Following is the list of common features that can be offered for free or paid membership package:

  • Video Access – each video can be set to either be visible to free or paid membership (or both). It can be also set to be blocked for guests only (non-registered users) and visible only to registered members
  • Content Access – you can control which content on pages, posts, videos, etc. can be visible to which group of users. This is done with shortcode which is wrapped around the content that you wish to limit
  • Advertising – there are multiple advertising spaces in the theme which can also be shown or hidden depending on which group of users is viewing current page
  • Video Upload – video upload can be enabled to work only for paid members while free account will not have this option

Apart from membership system, Videoboard theme includes multiple designs which are based on twitter bootstrap CSS framework. Design can be easily changed and customized from admin panel. It is also mobile ready, which means that theme is responsive and it will display nicely on all devices. If you decide to try the theme, you can find link to sales website below

Details | Demo

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