X-stander – the latest technology in Bluetooth speakers

Bluetooth speakers have been around for many years, they were one of the earliest developments in wireless technology. Bluetooth is still commonly associated with mobile phones, but it is, in fact, a technology in its own right – much like mobile phones, TV’s and radios it uses radio signals to send information from one device to another. Originally created to replace the wires between mouse, keyboard and PC, it soon became apparent that there were many more potential uses for it. The difference is that Bluetooth can only do this over small distances – usually up to about thirty three feet – the space around you known as the PAN – Personal Area Network. The creators of Bluetooth are dedicated to the technology being available to everyone and not restricted to any one company.

X-Stander is our latest version of the Bluetooth wireless speaker; it allows wireless music sharing and playing operations up to an incredible distance of ten meters. The speaker has been carefully crafted, tested and adjusted to create a perfect blend of sound – good high frequencies, rich meridians and shocked low frequency, all equate to your music sounding like you were at the venue. Modern technology has allowed a speaker of just three watts to produce a first class quality sound, by keeping the watts low the battery life can be extended, making this an excellent companion for the whole day or night.

The X-Stander comes with a very handy stylus pen, which also cleverly operates as a stand for the speaker, or for an iPad or iPhone. Any device can now be stood for maximum effect and / or access. The design of the X-Stander is curved and made to fit on a standard computer. A standard 1000mAh, rechargeable Lithium battery is included which will power the speaker for between six and eight hours whilst in use. The X-Stander can play music via Bluetooth and also by AUX, making it compatible with most music players including a PC or MAC, ipod, iphone, ipad or even a smartphone. A fantastic feature of the X-Stander is the ability to receive phone calls via it, completely hands free! With a built in microphone you are able to talk, or even video talk to anyone and demonstrate what you are talking about at the same time. A full review of its features and functions is available in Trendwoo, who specifically focus on the smart sport and outdoor products market, a market which fits this wireless Bluetooth speaker perfectly.

The X-Stander measures just 135 x 71 x 50mm with a charge time of only three to four hours it can go anywhere with you and look good while doing it. It is very well presented and sits comfortably in your workspace or during more social gatherings. With the ability to Bluetooth, several people can be sending music to this speaker to ensure the tunes never get tired and the party goes on. The speaker is an asset at any venue and will, without doubt, have your friends asking for more information on it.

For further information, please visit www.trendwoo.com

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