Benefits of camel hump

Benefits of camel hump


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Camel hump

The camel is called the ship of the desert, and it is one of the few animals that can adapt and live in the desert for long periods without the need for water or food, due to the composition of its body, where the camel has a store of water in its stomach, and on its back a hump in which food is stored in the form of fat, It is worth noting that the use of hump fat has emerged in folk medicine to treat many problems, which we will explain to you in this article.

Benefits of camel hump

There are many benefits of the fat extracted from the camel's hump on the human body, which can be included in the following points:

  • Relieving the pain of hemorrhoids, as this is done by applying a quantity of camel hump fat to the hemorrhoid after melting it.
  • Treating intestinal problems and disorders, and getting rid of the single worm that may be present in the intestine.
  • In the event that melted camel hump fat is applied to the body, it moisturizes it and treats the problem of dryness.
  • Getting rid of sagging in the body, especially for women after childbirth in the abdomen area, in addition to sagging resulting from losing excess weight, in the hands, neck, and others.
  • Treating joint pain and rheumatism, in addition to muscle tension, because it works to relax them and get rid of cramps in general.
  • Lightening the skin color and making it white before, without the need to use creams or chemical lightening lotions.
  • Increase the sexual ability of men, as it increases erection and sexual desire.
  • Treating respiratory infections, specifically asthma, by eating it on an empty stomach.
  • Treating cracked and dry feet problems, especially the heels area.
  • Camel hump grease is one of the natural home remedies for multiple hair problems, because it works to nourish the hair from the roots to the ends, and thus it becomes stronger and stops falling or splitting.
  • Increasing hair density and smoothness, in addition to treating baldness problems, specifically in men, and it is used after melting it on a quiet fire, and massaging the hair with it twice during the week, half an hour before taking a shower.
  • Some women, after marriage and childbirth, suffer from the problem of widening the vaginal opening, as the hump fat narrows it, by applying it to the area for a period of 20 days.
  • It is recommended to eat hump fat by people who suffer from thinness, and who want to increase their weight.

Recipes for camel hump grease

Camel fat is included in many recipes, including:

  • Camel hump recipe for asthma treatment: mix an amount of melted hump fat with a little honey, and eat it on an empty stomach, and before going to sleep on a daily basis, and it is possible to replace honey with an amount of cress seeds.
  • Camel hump recipe for hair: Melt a quantity of mountain fat over low heat until it becomes like oil, and then mix it with a little olive oil or coconut oil. It can also be mixed with any hair cream preferred for hair treatment, as it is applied once a month twice a week. One, until the desired result is obtained.
  • Camel hump recipe for fattening: by mixing equal amounts of melted hump fat and flax seeds with sesame and peanuts, and double the amount of almonds, with an appropriate amount of melted chocolate.
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