Benefits of raising cats

Benefits of raising cats


  • The benefits of raising cats
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Benefits of raising cats

There are many benefits to raising cats, including:

  • Cats help to deal with stress and improve mood. According to what scientists have indicated, spending 15-30 minutes of time contributes to improving mood, due to serotonin, a chemical in the brain that promotes a sense of well-being and happiness, and cortisol, a substance linked to the level of stress in the body. , as serotonin levels rise in the body, and cortisol levels decrease.
  • Enjoying good health, as whoever keeps a cat has a lower chance of having a heart attack, and his immune system improves.
  • Keep the house from rodents.

Benefits of raising cats for children

There are many benefits that can be obtained when owning cats, which are:

  • Decreased stress levels.
  • Obtaining companionship, as the presence of a cat in the house contributes to the child's sense of having company, which prevents his feeling of loneliness.
  • Learn to deal with the feelings and needs of others and treat them with kindness, softness and respect as well.
  • Have fun and be entertained.
  • Gaining responsibility, as caring for pets develops a sense of responsibility, as well as learning organization and commitment to time, by performing basic daily tasks, such as feeding and cleaning the cat.

The best way to feed cats

The cat needs clean food and drink just like any living organism, so it is necessary to put a sufficient amount of food in the cat's bowl in the morning, but be careful not to put an excessive amount of the cat's need because it will continue to eat as long as the plate is still full, It is worth noting that the cat needs food according to its age and size, but often, it needs 200 calories per day, and it is possible to consult a veterinarian to find out the required amount of food.

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