How do i know if my cat is pregnant

How do i know if my cat is pregnant


  • 1 Cat mating
    • 1.1 The mating age of cats
    • 1.2 Signs of desire for cats
    • 1.3 Signs of a cat being pregnant
    • 1.4 Signs of approaching cat birth
    • 1.5 Helping the cat during childbirth

Cats mating

The month of February is associated with cats, and it is called the month of love, and because cats are affected by the climate, the cycle of capricious cats is better in the month of February, during which they request mating more than once, and the cat gets pregnant about three or four times a year, then breastfeeds her children and returns to the request for mating after that naturally .

We can define the estrus period or the estrus period as the period during which the cat requests mating, and it is also called the fertile period, during which it calls the males until mating occurs between them.

Cat mating age

Some female cats ask for mating from the age of four months and some from seven months, depending on the type of cat. Pregnancy can also occur, but this causes danger in the life of the cat, as it is very small and cannot bear pregnancy, but its owner must take care of it carefully. Superior and to take good care of it, and the estrus period lasts from seven to ten days, then it goes away and then it returns to the cat.

Signs of desire in cats

  • The cat becomes more affectionate towards its owner, and loves to sit next to him permanently and caress him.
  • The cat is walking around the house.
  • The cat's tail is always on one side.
  • They become meowing a lot, and this is a way to attract the attention of males, as this habit causes inconvenience to its owner.
  • The cat wipes its face in all parts of the room, as it leaves a sign that it has a desire to mate.
  • The cat raises its back end when you try to pet it.

Signs of a cat's pregnancy

  • You find that the cat tends to sleep a lot.
  • Some cats vomit.
  • You find that the cat is courting you and asks you to pet it.
  • Some cats change the shape of their eyes and become more beautiful.
  • You find that the cat does not tend to eat much.
  • After a while, you will find that the area of ​​the breast has turned red, swollen more than usual, and the abdomen is swelling and enlarging.

Signs of approaching cat birth

  • The cat starts moving away from crowded places and looking for quiet places.
  • The kitten starts to feel colic, and starts to meow a lot.
  • It becomes unstable and moves from place to place.
  • She begins to clean herself, especially where her young will emerge from.

Helping a cat during childbirth

  • Sit next to your cat, pet her, and talk to her in a low, calm voice.
  • Soon she will start sleeping on her side and begin the labor process.
  • If your cat is giving birth for the first time, stay by her side.
  • When the cat begins the process of giving birth, look at the transparent bags because basically the bag opens alone so that the young can breathe through it, and if it does not open, open it, but avoid using sharp instruments because it may cause death to the young.
  • Keep her well fed, and take care of the quality of food during her pregnancy and after her pregnancy.
  • Keep the place quiet, clean, and away from the cold, so that cats do not contract diseases.
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