How do I know the type of my cat?

How do I know the type of my cat?


  • 1 Determine the type of cat from the physical characteristics
    • 1.1 Hair color
    • 1.2 Hair length and style
    • 1.3 the size
    • 1.4 Facial features
  • 2 Determine the type of cat from the behavioral characteristics

Determine the type of cat by physical features

The following is an explanation for that:

hair colour

There can be a lot of variation in the color of cat hair and the markings on it, but there are some characteristics that can indicate certain breeds of cats.

Noting that the same patterns can be found in more than one breed as they can be found in mixed or pure breeds, however there are some general indications, according to which cats can be classified, and here are some examples of that:

hair colour The expected type of cat
Solid color Siberian, Russian Blue, Bombay, or Persian.
Bi-color Maine Coon, Manx, Cornish Rex, Turkish Van, British Shorthair, or Cymric.
Points Siamese cat, Tonkini cat, Birman cat, Himalayan cat, or white-footed cat.

Hair length and style

Cats have longer and different types of hair, as there are 4 basic types of cat hair patterns: long, short, curly, and hairless, and it is mentioned that some of these patterns result from recessive genes such as long hair, and certain mutations such as curly hair, so they It may bear indications of the breed and type of cat, and here are some examples of that:

Hair length and style The expected type of cat
long hair Himalayan, Maine Coon, Persian, Japanese Short-tailed, Siberian, or Turkish Angora.
short hair American Shorthair, Abyssinian, Manx or Siberian cat.
curly hair Labradorite, American Wirehair, or Cornish Rex.
Without hair Sphynx, Peterbald, or Don Sphynx.

the size

The size of the cat can refer to its type, as skinny cats can refer to a less slender breed, such as the Siamese cat, while larger species may refer to the Norwegian Forest cat.

facial features

Some breeds have very distinctive facial features, as this can help determine the type of cat. For example, some types of cats have long, pointed noses more than others, such as; The Japanese cat has a short tail, while some other species have flat faces and a very small nose, such as: the Persian cat, and the Himalayan cat.

Determine the type of cat by behavioral traits

Some breeds have certain behavioral characteristics that can help determine the breed of the cat. Below is an explanation of the classification of some species based on their behavioral features:

  • Friendly Cat Breeds: Labrum, Siamese, American Shorthair, Tramp, Ragdoll, and Pharaoh.
  • Smart cat breeds: Siamese cat, Turkish Van, Persian, Manx, Aussie, and Abyssinian.
  • Quiet cat breeds: Russian blue cat, Manx, American Shorthair, and ragdoll.

Note: Determining behavioral features may be an indication of the type of cat without being certain about that, as more than one breed may share the same features, but behavioral and morphological features can be combined together to determine the type of cat.

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