How long is a cow pregnant?

How long is a cow pregnant?


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How long is a cow pregnant?

The cow's pregnancy period ranges from 279-287 days, and the cow often gives birth on the 283rd day of pregnancy. It is worth noting that the cow is considered an important part of livestock in general and of the bovine family, which includes; Buffalo, sheep, bison, impala, and others in particular.

Cow pregnancy stages

The cow goes through 3 stages during her pregnancy, and accordingly these stages are explained as follows:

  • The first stage: It extends until the third month of pregnancy, and it is the most accurate stage due to the high possibility of aborting the fetus during the first three weeks of it, which in turn will decrease to 6% once the 42nd day of pregnancy ends. It is worth noting that the livestock breeder determines the length of the cow’s pregnancy in that period stage.
  • The second stage: This stage begins with the fifth month and ends with the seventh month. It is a critical stage of pregnancy due to the cow’s need to obtain sufficient nutrients and vitamins that ensure the birth of a healthy fetus. The lack of food leads to a difficult labor process that ends with the birth of a fetus with poor health.
  • The third stage: This stage begins with the seventh month and extends until the ninth month, and the needs of the cow for nutrients and vitamins increase at this stage as the date of birth approaches, as the embryos grow by 70% in this stage, and it is worth noting that the expansion of the cervix at the moment of birth needs from 2-6 hours The birth process itself takes from half an hour to two hours, and the cow cleans her calf with her tongue when she gives birth.

Newborn cows

The name of the calf is generally given to newly born cows, and the name of the wheel is given to the newly born cow until she gives birth to her first child. It is worth noting that the weight of a healthy calf at birth ranges between 23-45 kg, and that the cows give birth to their first child at the age of two years. Usually, the newborn also feeds on mother's milk rich in antibiotics that protect it from disease until the ninth week after birth, and dairy cows stop producing milk two months before their birth date, in addition to that all calves are born with prominent horns that are sheared later.

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