Information about cats

Information about cats


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the cats

Cats are the closest animals to humans, and they are pets, raised by many people, and have lived with people for more than seven thousand years, and cats belong to mammals, and there are many types of cats, which differ in shapes, colors, and sizes.

In some civilizations, cats were sacred animals, for which dozens of statues were erected, especially in the Pharaonic civilization, where the punishment of a person who caused harm to any cat would reach a severe punishment that could reach death.

Types of cats

  • The domesticated cat is of the tabby breed, and it is called the "Bast" cat. It is characterized by the density and length of its hair. It is very domestic and does not show any aggression.
  • Abyssinian cat, one of the smartest types of cats.
  • The Shirazi cat, distinguished by its long hair, and its love of laziness and lethargy.
  • Siamese cat, distinguished by the beauty of its voice and sweetness.
  • The Manx cat, which is without a tail, is characterized by its calm nature.
  • Himalayan cat, a hybrid cat produced from the mating of a Siamese cat with a Shirazi.
  • The Balinese cat is a hybrid cat that results from the mating of the Siamese cat with the Himalayan cat.
  • The Apis cat, a cat that lived in abundance during the time of the Pharaohs, has many statues.
  • Burmese cat, distinguished by its golden eyes.
  • The Russian cat is a very calm cat.
  • The country cat is characterized by its very calm nature.
  • The Exotic cat is a very elegant and expensive cat.

Information about cats

  • Cats have thirty-two muscles in their outer ears, to be able to control them.
  • Do not distinguish the sweet taste of food.
  • She has three eyelids in her eyes.
  • It has more than a hundred different vocal tones from each other, and thus it is superior to dogs that have only ten vocal tones.
  • Adult cats cannot digest lactose, so they should be avoided feeding them milk and its derivatives.
  • Cats are about thirty-five years old.
  • Cats are animals that clean themselves by themselves, by licking their fur, and in this way they obtain vitamin C.
  • The cat has an acuity of vision at night, six times more than its ability to see humans.
  • In China, cat meat is considered one of the most delicious types of meat served at tables.
  • Cats have flexible bodies, which help them jump from high heights without getting hurt.
  • Cats are considered among the most intelligent animals, and they have a great intuitive speed, and they can distinguish the tone of anger, from the tone of joy, from the tone of sadness.
  • Cats have a very sharp sense of hearing, as they hear high-frequency sounds, about sixty-five kilohertz.
  • Cats hate the smell of citrus fruits, such as lemons and oranges.
  • Cats have thirty teeth, and their milk teeth are replaced by permanent ones.
  • The normal heart rate for a cat is about one hundred and ninety-five beats per minute, and it breathes between twenty and forty times per minute.

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