Information about Persian cats

Information about Persian cats


  • 1 Shirazi cat
    • 1.1 Characteristics of Shirazi cats
    • 1.2 Temperament and personality of the Shirazi cats
    • 1.3 Requirements for the care of Shirazi cats
    • 1.4 Fun facts about Shirazi cats
  • 2 tips when breeding Shirazi cats

Shirazi cats

The Shirazi cat is known as the Persian cat (in English: Persian), and the Shirazi cats are distinguished by their long hair and are considered one of the most famous and oldest types of cats. What most distinguishes this type of cat is its small body compared to its huge head. The following is the most important information about the Shirazi cats:

Characteristics of Persian cats

Shirazi cats are distinguished by their long and soft hair, their full bodies, and their short limbs. As mentioned above, their heads are wide and circular in shape, and they have a short and thick tail. They are distinguished by their golden, blue, copper, green, or orange eyes, and there is thick soft hair around their neck that makes them appear more attractive. Beauty, and the cat comes in many colors, it can be of one color such as white, black or beige, and it can also be of overlapping colors such as cats of gray color with red, brown and blue, or white with black, or beige with black and red and many others Of different colors, it is worth noting that the white Shirazi cats that have blue eyes are often deaf, and the Shirazi cats are medium-sized cats and their weight usually ranges between 3-5 kilograms.

The mood and personality of the Persian cats

Shirazi cats are calm and domestic animals that prefer to be treated kindly by those around them. They are also among the animals that spend most of their day sitting on the couch or near the fireplace to get enough sleep and rest, and they also love to play with children as long as they caress them gently without pulling. Her tail or dragging her violently, and the Shirazi cat is one of the cats that spends her time alone, but of course she is happy with the presence of her owner around her, and when her owner approaches she may welcome him by quiet meowing or she may make her eyes talk about her.

Persian cat care requirements

Shirazi cats need to comb their hair daily, unlike some other breeds. As a wide-toothed metal comb must be used, and the brush is only used to fluff up the cat’s hair, and it is worth noting that the hair must be combed after removing the knots in it, as the knots gather quickly under the armpit and behind the ears of the Persian cat in addition to the drivers and buttocks, as for the way to deal with The knot, the cat's hair must not be pulled out with a comb because it leads to the removal of the hair from its place, which creates bald spots inside the cat's hair, but it must be tried to gently disassemble it using fingers, and in the event that it is impossible to untie the knot, it can be loosened using the stitch removal tool used in sewing with caution so as not to The cat is in pain.

As for bathing the cat, the Persian cat has oily skin that causes its hair to get dirty, so it must be kept clean, and shampoo can be used directly on wet hair, taking care of the areas behind the cat’s ears and under the armpits, as they are the most oily areas in his body, or the cat can be placed inside A bowl containing warm water with a little shampoo, while passing soapy water over its body until it covers it well, then when it is finished, the cat's hair must be washed well with clean water.

Fun facts about Persian cats

Here are some interesting facts about Shirazi cats:

  • The Shirazi cats, known as long-haired cats, are the same breed as domestic cats with short and medium hair, but the only difference between them is the length of the hair, as they are all types of Shirazi cats.
  • Persian cats are called the American Longhair cat.
  • Persian cats are distinguished by their thick hair, while the American short-haired cat is characterized by short and elegant hair.

Tips when breeding Shirazi cats

We include in the following some tips that can be followed when breeding Shirazi cats:

  • Tears constantly appear in the eyes of Persian cats, causing staining of the area below the eye, and to avoid this, the area below the eye must be wiped daily using a soft cloth so that no black or brown spots appear.
  • The cat should be shown to the vet once a year and have annual check-ups.
  • You should make sure to brush her teeth regularly to keep her teeth and gums healthy; As the lack of interest in it may cause infections that would affect the heart.
  • Interactive games should be provided to the cat to encourage it to exercise and not to feel bored.
  • A scratching post should be provided so that the cat can enjoy scratching it and not scratch the furniture.


Shirazi cats are among the types of calm cats with long hair, and they are among the oldest types of cats. They are also distinguished by their full body, short limbs, and relatively medium size. They are a nice cat that a person can own. They love children and can deal with them, but they need great care because of their long hair. It may fall out and knots may appear in it, so its hair must be combed daily, and its cleanliness must be maintained by periodic showering. The cat must be taken to the vet at least once a year, and interactive games must be provided for it so that it does not feel bored.

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