What is the sound of an elephant called?

What is the sound of an elephant called?


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What is the sound of an elephant called?

The elephant makes several different and distinct sounds that change according to its behavior. It is also considered one of the basic signs of the survival of elephants. The sounds differ and are divided into different categories according to behavior, tone, or measurement. Or snoring, or crying, or something else.

Elephants can produce several sounds of varying frequency thanks to their vocal cords, which may be lengthened or shortened, and depending on the reason for which they are making the sound. chirping.

Elephant hum

Elephant humming is characterized by a rather loud sound in nature, and elephants can communicate through it over long distances in addition to their strong sense of hearing, and all elephants, whether they are frightened elephants, or elephants attacking something, or elephants that are attacked, make sounds up to several kilometers and the sound level reaches 85-90 decibels.

Rumble and growl

Female elephants are distinguished by their rumbling, and they are characterized by being low-frequency and somewhat quiet. They can also be sent to long distances for several reasons. such as saluting, convergence, interdependence, or threatening, or in order to find a companion, or to give reassurance, but the roar; The elephant roars when there is a stimulus that makes the elephant feel happy, or to intimidate the enemy, or anger, and it is also issued as the first sound when the elephants reunite and gather as a kind of joy.

Information about the elephant

The elephant belongs to the family of elephants, and it is considered the largest wild animal. Elephants can often be found in savannas, forests, in addition to deserts, swamps, tropical and subtropical regions in the continents of Asia and Africa, and other habitats. Elephants also have many distinctive physical characteristics, which are as follows:

  • The long and massive trunk.
  • The upper lip is long and extended with the nose.
  • Big vertical legs.
  • The massive head and temporal glands.
  • Flat and wide ears.
  • Gray or brown colour.
  • Coarse and sparse body hair.

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